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The Difference Between Customer Success and Account Management

Customer success and account management play two important but different roles within a SaaS organization. Learn how their roles differ.

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Save Time (and Stress) By Leveraging Customer Success Automation

A strong customer success program uses automation to help customers achieve value with the SaaS and helps the organization scale.

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Hiring That First Customer Success Manager

Hiring that first customer success manager isn’t easy, especially if you’re a young SaaS. But it’s important to hire early and get them up to speed quickly.

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Beyond Data: Delivering an Exceptional SaaS Experience

Data is useful, but it’s not the only tool customer success managers have to create a positive experience with the SaaS. CSMs have to build relationships.

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Providing Customer Value Through Quarterly Business Reviews

Quarterly Business Reviews are one of the most important functions of a customer success program. What are they and what are their purpose?

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Collecting Feedback at Scale from Low-Touch Customers

SaaS organizations lots of low-touch customers have a unique challenging when it comes to capturing feedback. Here are some strategies that will help.

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