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How To Drive Real Change With Clients

What's the single most important thing to understand when driving change with your clients?

It's awareness of the fact that change happens at multiple levels.

Let me explain...

Many SaaS companies look at the world through the lens of "once our customers use our software, they'll be able to do everything they want..." or something along those lines.

These are the organizations that focus on features and functions and miss the bigger picture.

They are so consumed with the software being the biggest change that they can't see the forest for the trees.

So what happens in these situations?

Well, the customers end up frustrated because all they really did after buying the software was to implement their ad-hoc and broken process in a new system.

The same problems are still there...

The same roadblocks are still there...

The same broken processes are still there...

Until these are addressed, no matter how "good" your software is, the solution as a whole is broken.

Software alone will not solve the customer's problem at an enterprise level.

Maybe this isn't true for B2C but that's a discussion for another day.

If you sell B2B Software on an annual subscription basis, you need to check what's going on in this area right here and right now.

If you want help diagnosing these problems and coming up with new strategies, get in touch​.

So, what's going on inside the organizations that get this and really partner with their customers to enable change?

According to Kelley Turner, they recognize there are changes happening at the organization, process and people level which are supported by the software.

Did you catch that distinction?

It's subtle but very important...

The changes are really happening at the organization, process and people level and software supports the changes.

What Kelley and her organization do is incredible and they have gone through a lot of experimentation to find the solution that would result in the best long-term customer.

Want to know how they do this...

Hint - it involves a taboo topic in the SaaS world.

Listen here.


Inspired by: Customer Strategy Podcast Ep 11: Kelley Turner

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