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Ep 13: Jake Jorgovan

In this episode of the Customer Strategy Podcast, I’m talking with Jake Jorgovan. Jake is the founder and CEO of Content Allies, a firm that specializes in helping industry experts and consultants become thought leaders through content marketing.Jake and I got into an interesting conversation around how to drive the urgency and engagement of his […]

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Ep 12: Star Hofer

How do you design a CS organization that can efficiently handle multiple different products, disciplines, stakeholders and business units?Very carefully…In this episode of the Customer Strategy Podcast, I’m talking with Star Hofer, the VP of Customer Success at eCompliance. Star and I got into an interesting conversation centered around designing her future CS organization as eCompliance […]

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How To Drive Real Change With Clients

What’s the single most important thing to understand when driving change with your clients?It’s awareness of the fact that change happens at multiple levels.Let me explain…Many SaaS companies look at the world through the lens of “once our customers use our software, they’ll be able to do everything they want…” or something along those lines.These […]

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Ep 11: Kelley Turner

In this episode of the Customer Strategy Podcast, I’m talking with Kelley Turner, the VP of customer success at Upland Kapost.Kelly and I got into a really interesting conversation around how to handle the turnover at the executive level of their accounts, and the reality is that at the leadership level of their clients, turnover […]

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5 Leadership Lessons

In November of 2019, I decided to launch the Customer Strategy Podcast and I’m happy to report that I’ve published 10 episodes!!After hitting this milestone, I wanted to share the following 5 Leadership Lessons.1. Great leaders ask questionsEach of the guests on the show are experts in their field and they all have one thing […]

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Your Next Forecast Review…

Imagine walking to your next forecast review meeting…You’ve got that feeling in your stomach that you just can’t shake…Your palms start to sweat as you play a familiar refrain in your head…Is that customer really going to renew?Can I trust what our customers tell my team?Can I trust my team?What am I missing?Where are the […]

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