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Ep 8: Nils Vinje

This episode of the Customer Strategy Podcast is a special one. I’m the guest on the show and I’m interviewed by my good friend Jake Jorgovan, who is the founder and CEO of a company called Content Allies. Jake and his team at Content Allies turn consultants into thought leaders through content marketing. So if you’re […]

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Ep 7: Joe Schmitt

In this episode of the Customer Strategy Podcast, I talk with Joe Schmitt, the vice president of customer success at Upkeep Maintenance Management.Upkeep Maintenance Management is a fast-growing Los Angeles based startup, focusing on providing a world-class SaaS solution to the hard-working, blue-collar workers across the world.UpKeep is a leading mobile-first CMMS/Enterprise Asset Management System […]

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Ep 6: Gray Skinner

In this episode of the Customer Strategy Podcast, I talk with my good friend Gray Skinner, the CEO of MasterBorn Software.MasterBorn Software is a development outsourcing firm based in Poland that serves customers in Silicon Valley. Gray and I first met several years ago when he moved to Bend, Oregon to become a professional triathlete. He […]

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Ep 5: Magnus Hillestad

In this episode of the Customer Strategy Podcast, I talk with Magnus Hillestad, the CEO & co-founder of is a platform for structured content. It comes with an open-source editing environment called Sanity Studio that you can customize with JavaScript and a real-time hosted data store.They’re essentially a developer tool that enables developers to […]

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Ep 4: Coleen Bochi

In this episode of the Customer Strategy Podcast, I talk with Coleen Bachi, the Customer Success Lead at Hotjar.Coleen and I had a fascinating conversation around prioritization. Hotjar operates in a one-to-many world, and there are so many different programs and areas that Coleen and her colleagues can focus on. However, she wasn’t sure where the […]

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Ep 3: Scalable Customer Education With Angela Carmack

In this episode of the Customer Strategy Podcast, I’m talking with Angela Carmack, Director of Customer Success at Journeyfront.Journeyfront uses hiring data and machine learning to accurately predict candidate performance and retention. They offer a predictive hiring platform that helps teams make better hiring decisions through easily collecting, tracking, and analyzing hiring data. What we […]

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