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How I Overcome Fear

This post was inspired by Customer Strategy Podcast Ep 8: Nils Vinje Way back when I decided to leave my VP job and become a consultant, I was excited and a bit nervous. The truth is that I didn’t know what I didn’t know so there really wasn’t a whole lot to worry about. That is, until I […]

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Ep 8: Nils Vinje

This episode of the Customer Strategy Podcast is a special one.I’m the guest on the show and I’m interviewed by my good friend Jake Jorgovan, who is the founder and CEO of a company called Content Allies. Jake and his team at Content Allies turn consultants into thought leaders through content marketing. So if you’re an […]

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Everyone’s Favorite Topic

This post was inspired by Customer Strategy Podcast Ep 7: Joe SchmittHave you ever wondered what everyone’s favorite topic is?I know that’s broad, but hang with me…Everyone’s favorite topic is…Themselves.When given an opportunity to talk about ourselves, think about ourselves, focus on ourselves, we take it.It’s human nature.Some people do this more naturally than others, but that’s […]

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Ep 7: Joe Schmitt

In this episode of the Customer Strategy Podcast, I talk with Joe Schmitt, the vice president of customer success at Upkeep Maintenance Management.Upkeep Maintenance Management is a fast-growing Los Angeles based startup, focusing on providing a world-class SaaS solution to the hard-working, blue-collar workers across the world.UpKeep is a leading mobile-first CMMS/Enterprise Asset Management System […]

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The Path To Scale

This was inspired by Customer Strategy Podcast Episode 6 with Gray Skinner Everyone talks about scale… The technology industry thrives on scale… When you think about some of your work, there’s a good chance that you’ve asked yourself or someone has asked you the question “will this scale”? So, what’s really required to scale? In my opinion – in a […]

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Tasks vs Responsibility

This was inspired by Customer Strategy Podcast Ep 6: Gray SkinnerThere is a powerful difference between tasks and responsibility and it can have a huge impact on the relationships you and your team build with your customers.Think about the difference between these two scenarios:Scenario 1: An onboarding team engages with new clients after they sign the […]

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