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Achieving predictability in customer renewals and expansions

This is what you are after, isn’t it? It certainly should be since the value of a SaaS business is largely driven by how efficiently the company can renew and expand its existing customer base.

New sales are important of course, but at a certain point in a SaaS company lifecycle (usually within the first few years), the amount of ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) up for renewal each quarter will be far greater than the amount of new ARR that is sold in the quarter.

This is the reason why the Customer Success industry exists. Ultimately, we are responsible for delivering predictability in renewals and expansions that will fuel our company’s growth and valuation.

For most leaders, working in Customer Success equals firefighting

When you put one fire out, three more flare up. Instead of thriving in an enjoyable workplace, you end up surviving each day, living through a reactive and stressful existence. You’re at risk of burnout and an extreme level of stress, but you can avoid this. 

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Before we worked with Nils at Glide Consulting, our Customer Success team was reactive instead of proactive. We lacked identity and purpose. 

Since our high-impact workshop with Nils, we've established a clear identity and a purpose that has united our team.

Every Customer Success Manager now 'runs their own business', by having proactive and strategic conversations instead of just 'fighting fires'.

Mike Lyons

VP of Customer Success at Kollective

Nils listened to our current situation, analyzed our processes and then created materials and a training program for my team to drive our change. The training program was crucial to the success of this initiative and it was delivered in an exceptional fashion.

First, Nils drove the initial training on the new content he created. Then, he held one-on-one sessions with each team member where he gave individualized feedback on each presentation. Finally, each team member went through a "certification" test with Nils where they received additional feedback and recommendations on future areas to focus on to continue to improve their delivery and communication.

Want Predictable Renewals?

Take this FREE evaluation to find out Your #1 Customer Retention Killer.