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​Success Stories 

"I have driven $240,000 in new customer revenue as a result of the strategies discussed with Nils."

Nathalie Onion
​Customer Success Team lead

​"The investment I've made working with Nils has already paid for itself many times over."

​Catherine Blackmore
​​Head of SaaS Customer Success
at Oracle

"​Every Customer Success Manager now 'runs their own business', by having proactive and strategic conversations instead of just 'fighting fires'."

​Mike Lyons
​​VP of Customer Success
at Kollective

​Apathetic customers and constant churn can be a real killer to your business...

I help brands just like yours implement a world-class customer strategy so you can grow your business with recurring revenue.

​Nils Vinje

Founder and CEO of Glide Consulting and Creator of the Customer Strategy Method

​Bulletproof your Customer Strategy​

  • Create loyal, raving fans
  • Renew more customers each year
  • Build bonds, eliminate frustration
  • Generate more revenue per customer
  • Become the go-to industry leader