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Ep 11: Kelley Turner

In this episode of the Customer Strategy Podcast, I'm talking with Kelley Turner, the VP of customer success at Upland Kapost.

Kelly and I got into a really interesting conversation around how to handle the turnover at the executive level of their accounts, and the reality is that at the leadership level of their clients, turnover is a constant challenge.

So instead of reacting when an executive sponsor leaves, we looked at a situation where we anticipate such departures, and prepare for it in advance.

Upland Kapost partners with marketers as they build and manage a content operation that produces and delivers the right content to the right customer at the right time at scale. Upland Kapost offers benchmarked, expert consulting services and a comprehensive software platform to support marketers as they apply a new operating model to the processes and software with which they plan, produce, distribute and analyze marketing content. 

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