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Ep 13: Jake Jorgovan

In this episode of the Customer Strategy Podcast, I'm talking with Jake Jorgovan. Jake is the founder and CEO of Content Allies, a firm that specializes in helping industry experts and consultants become thought leaders through content marketing.

Jake and I got into an interesting conversation around how to drive the urgency and engagement of his clients.

Some of his clients sign up for a service and then don’t engage. When this happens, the Content Allies team has to chase them down and try to prod them in order to engage.

Jake has made the work that needs to be done by the client as easy as possible but there's a key element missing. That is what we dig into and what's going to make a real difference.

We get really hands-on in this conversation and I’m happy to report that after we recorded this episode, Jake put everything we discussed into action.

The changes he made have had a big impact on customer relationships and their ability to deliver a result as quickly as possible.

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