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What’s the Purpose of Your Customer Success Program?

Most companies go about setting up their customer success teams in a way that’s destined to fail. Find out what the biggest mistake most companies make.

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How to Create Processes People Actually Use

In customer success, efficiency is paramount, which means the tasks you perform regularly should be turned into repeatable processes.

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Costly Mistakes That Ruin the Customer Experience

Creating a positive experience helps your customers get value out of your product so they don’t churn; however, many organizations are making these mistakes.

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How to Boost the Morale of Your Customer Success Team

It’s important to keep the morale high of any customer-facing role in your SaaS organization, especially customer success managers.

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Fight Churn by Tracking Red Flag Metrics

Red flag metrics are excellent indicators of customer churn. They can help customer success managers identify why users churn so they can prevent it.

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Get Ahead of Those Fires with Deep Work Time

Deep work is a productivity system that not only helps you produce better work, but also trains your brain to be a more productive person.

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