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Ep 7: Joe Schmitt

In this episode of the Customer Strategy Podcast, I talk with Joe Schmitt, the vice president of customer success at Upkeep Maintenance Management.

Upkeep Maintenance Management is a fast-growing Los Angeles based startup, focusing on providing a world-class SaaS solution to the hard-working, blue-collar workers across the world.

UpKeep is a leading mobile-first CMMS/Enterprise Asset Management System helping maintenance teams deliver reliability for their facility. They’ve been named the #1 Maintenance Management Software by Gartner and have also been recognized as a top place to work in Los Angeles. 

UpKeep has over 160,000 registered users from small businesses to large enterprises, including Yamaha, Jet.com, and Unilever. 

Joe and I got into a really interesting conversation, as they have two primary tiers that their customers are on - a high-touch model and a low-touch model.

We took a look at what the gold standard is that they deliver at the high-touch level, and then applied that to the low-touch level and came up with some really interesting takeaways. 

Joe also committed to building a strategy for that low-touch model going forward. 

As always, I really think you're going to enjoy this episode.

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