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The definitive Customer Success Manager salary guide

Customer Success is a young profession, with 95% of people entering CS from different backgrounds (source: 2015 Totango report). Companies are still learning how to structure their Customer Success Manager salary offerings. The Totango report does not tell us specifically how Customer Success Managers were rewarded, as they made up only a third of the survey participants. Other […]

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Customer Success software: The simple 3-step CS platform readiness checklist

I will expand on the 3 things you should do before spending a cent on a Customer Success software

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What’s in store for Customer Success platforms in 2016?

Gartner recently reported that 89 percent of companies are expecting to compete on the basis of customer experience (CX) in 2016, compared to 36 percent just five years ago. Customer Success done right is the approach that delivers the ultimate customer experience. Customer Success platforms help teams do it right. So, what will change with Customer […]

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Our top 10 milestones in 2015

In this post, we’ll share our top 10 highlights from launching our Customer Success consulting service in 2015.

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