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Is a 0% Churn Actually Possible?

Most SaaS businesses strive to reduce their churn rate as much as possible so they can achieve growth. But is it actually possible to reach 0% churn?

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What it Takes to Improve the SaaS Customer Experience

Data shows that customers will pay more for a better customers, so it’s worth your investment. Build an experience that adds value to your customers.

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Who is Responsible for Customer Retention?

Customer retention is critical for SaaS organizations, but should be responsible in your business? Sales? Customer success? Account management?

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How to Run Customer Success at Scale

Scaling customer success requires the right timing and combination of people, process and technology. Learn how to scale your customer success team.

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Aligning Sales Teams with Customer Success

For best results, your sales and customer success teams should work together. Here’s how to align both teams for maximum sales and retention.

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5 Habits That Will Make You More Productive Right Now

Customer success is a demanding discipline, so CSMs have to stay productive. These productivity habits will help you get more work done right away.

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