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How to Discover Someone’s Natural Strengths

The key to managing a team well is to use each person according to their strengths. But first we have to identify those strengths.

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10 Reasons Your SaaS Business is Creating a Poor Customer Experience

Having a great product isn’t enough. You need to provide a strong experience for your customer. Take care that you aren’t making some of these mistakes.

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Productivity Boost: Don’t Spend Your Day Putting Out Fires

Customer Success managers fall into the trap of putting out fires every day. You can break this pattern by adopting a proactive mindset.

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How to Stop Selling and Start Serving

Customer renew their accounts based on their experiences with your company. Once you’ve signed them on, you need to switch from sales to Customer Success.

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Assigning Projects: Availability vs. Strength

Assigning tasks based on availability is the common approach to Customer Success, but assigning tasks based on strengths is far more effective.

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How to Create a High-Performing Team

High-performing teams are necessary in all parts of your business, but especially in Customer Success. Learn how to put an effective team together.

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