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Ep2: Improving Customer Success With John Bosch

In this episode of the Customer Strategy Podcast, I'm talking with John Bosch, Director of customer success at HqO.

HqO is a commercial real estate technology company that delivers an award-winning platform and mobile app, connecting tenant employees to their communities in and around their building and empowering them with technology to control their workday.

What's really interesting about HqO is that they have a big hand in the changes that are happening in commercial real estate.

John and I get into a lot of really interesting topics because what he's dealing with is a B2B2C environment with his customers. And oftentimes, there are multiple companies involved with one individual customer.

What we talk about
- Where HqO could focus their attention on.
- What programs they need to put in place.
- How they could serve their customers better.
- How to forecast risk when there are so many different parties involved.
- The QBR process and how to take things back up to a strategic level.

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