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Ep 4: Coleen Bochi

In this episode of the Customer Strategy Podcast, I talk with Coleen Bachi, the Customer Success Lead at Hotjar.

Coleen and I had a fascinating conversation around prioritization. 

Hotjar operates in a one-to-many world, and there are so many different programs and areas that Coleen and her colleagues can focus on. However, she wasn't sure where the biggest bang for their buck would come from and how they should plan for 2020. 

So we dug into Hotjarā€™s customer strategy, diagnosed what they are currently doing, and recommended areas they could focus on that would make the most impact in the future. 

We got to a great place at the end, where Coleen had a clear idea of what to do next and felt confident about what she was going to do moving forward. 

I think you're going to enjoy this episode.

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