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Customer Success Training from Glide Consulting

Online and self-paced Training

  • Do you ever feel like you spend all day every day putting out fires?
  • Do you struggle to get ahead with your accounts?
  • Have you been told by your boss that you need to be "more strategic"?
        • Then check out the only Time Mastery course created by a Customer Success expert and built specifically for Customer Success Professionals.​

Virtual or in-person delivered Customer Success Enablement as a Service

​Customer Success can take a lot of insights from Sales. One that is particularly important is the Sales approach to enablement. Sales teams at the top SaaS companies always have a resource or team dedicated to enablement. This person or group provide continuous training on all areas of the sales cycle to the sales team.

Customer Success teams need a continuous learning mindset just like sales to be successful. That is why we created the program: CS Enablement as a Service.

Now, you and your team can have access to a world-class Customer Success trainer to go deep with you in the areas that matter most.

Imagine, finally having an answer to the question - "How are we going to train the CSM's to ensure we are delivering for our customers?"

The list of training modules for each client are selected based upon needs. For a core list of modules, take a look at CSM Elite.​